Kids, Tattoos, Imperfections…

I got ‘em all for you!

Ashleigh Amber

Growing up; magazines, TV and the internet showed us what was “ideal” and told us how to “look good for men”. Well, I can say for damn sure that it is time to stop looking at the 1% of body types featured in the media & embrace our individuality! I am a FIRM believer that it is our differences that make us beautiful. It is my goal to showcase this in every woman and show them their best self! I give a piece of myself to each client & I am your bestie for the day…

we laugh at the ridiculous things that come out of my mouth, I help you with your jewelry and outfits, I pose with you so you know what you’re doing, I show you how stunning you look on the back of the camera. I got your back babe!

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