This really was a fantastic experience! I was sooooo nervous. But it melted away. Felt like a queen
— Boudoir Client, Jacqueline

As women, we have a very specific viewpoint of ourselves that we see on the daily. This creates limiting beliefs that hold us back from living our best life! A few examples of the beliefs I’ve heard are that they aren’t the right size, are too tall/short/thin/thick, too old, or not brave enough. I’m here to tell you that these are lies that we tell ourselves. You are WORTHY of being photographed and deserve to be comfortable in your own skin.

We offer you the opportunity to step back from the microscope that you view yourself through and see yourself through another perspective. I guide you through the entire process and it can impact your life far beyond a photo session. Let me show you how worthy you are just by being you!

upstate boudoir.jpg

“You made it so easy to feel comfortable in my own skin… I can’t wait until my next session!”