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You might be thinking…

Everyone else looks amazing but i can’t be one of those brave and stunning women you have on your site! It’s time to set aside those fears because you are stunning and I promise that you will be blown away by your boudoir photographs! Want to see more of our clients? click here to see the gallery!

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“Had no confidence about the way my body looked.

During my session I started to feel more confident and relaxed. Loved doing them and look forward to future ones to be done!”


Seriously your session are life changing!!!

Thank you so much Ashleigh! Not only did I get amazing picture from you but I got my confidence back!!! Gave me my MAGIC back!

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“I originally decided to do the boudoir session as a gift for my amazing husband

but it became a way to celebrate me, my life, my accomplishments, & the struggles I have overcome. I also couldn't believe the confidence I gained through the photoshoot.”

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“I was nervous at first, wondering what I had gotten myself into.

But right from the beginning Ashleigh made me very comfortable and relaxed, about halfway through I was having fun and felt like a completely different person. I will definitely do it again someday, that “Go Me!” feeling was amazing!”



Not only does she have a beautiful studio for you but she’s also got a client closet with some plus pieces available!

The blue bodysuit is actually from her client closet, I was really impressed that she had pieces available in my size. Not that I wasn’t immediately comfortable when I got there but this had just added a whole new level of comfort and value. It’s really easy to see that Ashleigh sees the beauty in all women but also values them. She made me feel like a goddess while there and now her photos got that mood going strong! She’s the boudoir photographer I had only dreamt of shooting with – turns out, dreams really can come true.

I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life! It was truly amazing and I encourage EVERY woman to do this for herself! Ashleigh is amazing at what she does and makes you feel so comfortable! Take the time to do this for yourself and you will NOT regret this.
— -Miss M
My entire life I’ve struggled to love myself, an issue too common. It’s hard to be yourself when others are constantly telling you who to be. “Don’t pierce your nose, don’t dye your hair, or don’t get tattoo’s they’re trashy”. So here I am, pierced nose, red hair and 5 tattoos, being nothing but unapologetically myself. Life is too short to be nothing but you. It’s a continuous journey to self love, but I’m well on my way and you should be too.”
— Miss T

For a year or so I lived vicariously through the many courageous women Ashleigh would post to the VIP page. Often thinking if I only had the balls. I have never been a confident person: shy, meek, always needs to have a sweater on. Boudoir was something I would never do. Well, I also can never pass up a deal either. Ashleigh had a VERY limited black Friday special & I figured what the hell. I'll give it a go and give myself a goal date to boost morale. I wanted to do something special for my husband for Father's Day. Celebrate my sexual prowess on Father's Day (the reason he is a father!).  Fast forward 6 months & the day for my session came upon us. I had NO idea what the hell to buy, what to expect, and how to even look/pose/smile/don't smile/give that weird wink. My anxiety & awkwardness came out full force. 

I got to the loft, which by the way is an AWESOME location, and meet my amazing MUA. I was so god damn nervous, she picked up on it right away. I probably said some ridiculous things. But in talking with Victoria my nerves died down. I felt a bit more relaxed. And when it was time to look at the final product I thought at first I didn't recognize the reflection staring back at me, behind all the glam. But I did. That was me. I felt like I could take over the world, regardless of my cellulite or that extra cookie I had at 2am the night before. I am drop dead gorgeous. 

During the photo shoot I was posed in positions that accentuated my body albeit bizarre and uncomfortable. Ashleigh showed me photos as I went. I couldn't believe the images. I also couldn't believe the confidence I gained through the photoshoot. I even experienced a nip-slip & ran with it. I felt so incredibly empowered. As we taking photos all that anxiety/nervousness dissipated into nothingness and I have Ashleigh to thank for that. Without her guidance and constant positive directives I don't think I could have had the courage to continue. 

My photo reveal was just a couple days later and I was in love with myself. MY husband even commented that my energy was slightly different those days following. I went through the photos and had a hard time choosing which ones I wanted to keep versus those I did not (A common struggle I am told). Those photos represented me and all that I am.  They were raw & unedited, there was no photo-shop tummy tuck. Despite the photos still containing my insecurities I had a hard time deciding. Some of my favorite photos showcased areas I felt most insecure about.  I originally decided to do the boudoir session as a gift for my amazing husband, but it became a way to celebrate me, my life, my accomplishments, & the struggles I have overcome. That photobook means so much more than a few sexy photos of myself.  

I also can't wait for my children to go through our belongings after we are gone from this world and come across this book. Your mom, M & X, had it.

-Miss J

I was a nervous wreck that morning, but I am glad that I followed through with it... Ashleigh made this experience absolutely wonderful and made me feel completely at ease. I would definitely encourage everyone to do it and I’m pretty sure you’ll wanna go back for more!
— Miss K

Truth be told, 6 years ago I was not the person I am today, far far far from it in fact… I was thin, I had a waist line, no stretch marks or cellulite. I could go about my life and jobs as I needed to without worrying about much else. My boyfriend was busy and supportive. But then I got married, I wanted kids and I struggled with infertility the first round due to endometriosis, but I finally got my rainbow baby 4 years ago! I live my life in pain that is constant between a 3-7 scale. It's my normal. And I felt HIDEOUS. It's hard to see the beauty in yourself when your temple is damaged and falling apart. When society has such a high standard of women. And I think having been a model it made this transformation of 115-150lbs HARD on my entire being. I LOVE my little boys with everything I have. But I just didn't know how to love me anymore. Despite all the words of encouragement from friends and my husband. All the "you created life!" and "you're beautiful" and "curves are the best, you're so lucky" comments didn't feed my self esteem. They just pointed out the obvious and I felt worse. I know you get it. You've been there, too.

But, how was I supposed to revive my sense of self worth? How could I stop looking at my body and cringing at the roll that hung over my panties? How could I learn to love the "tiger stripes" everyone acts like are amazing? 

Enter my boudoir session with Ash Leigh. she's heard me talk a lot of crap about myself But, there was nobody I trusted more with this session than her. I didn't even want to do one, but she swayed me. And I am grateful for her doing that. We talked about the style I wanted, which was very boho with some whimsy. I am not your lay on bed half naked girl. I like things to be fun and this setup was INSPIRING. She is so talented and creating things like this. I bought a couple pieces of my own and she had plenty for me to wear, too. The day of, She had someone there to do my hair and makeup. Because I knew her I wasn't as nervous, BUT she has always given off that very personable, Ive known you forever vibe and so my awkward self easily could become friends with her. there were lots of poses I really needed help with and she guided me through them seamlessly. Although, the floor one thats so sexy....I looked so funny trying to do it because my back just does not arch well. LOL. She made my whole session fun and light and I felt sexy and empowered. I could have easily shot more than the 4 outfits I did I was having so much fun! I left there with a buzz. But when I saw my images later, I was insanely amazed and felt freaking awesome. They even made me tear up a little bit. Who was this woman?! That's not me. Nope. But Ash laughed and assured me that it was all me. No photoshopping necessary. And I felt like I was beautiful, and I just needed to come out of my shell again. I created a special gift for my husband with these photos, and who are we kidding, for me, too and we look at them together often. This was literally the best decision I have made for me in a long time and you should all do it, too. It's worth it. This was a few months ago and I still have this much better appreciation for myself and feel beautiful. Do I have days of self esteem issues? Absolutely but now I have these to look at and say STOP COMPARING YOURSELF. Be present in your beauty that you have obtained. Be grateful for this gift of life. And Nicole. Hot damn. You are a sexy, bad mama jama. 
So, I guess what I mean is. Get your insecure but beautiful booty in front of her camera stat. And get ready to feel changed.

- Miss N